ECDC/Butterfly Home

About ECDC/Butterfly Home

Started by one of our inspiring champions, Pushpa Basnet, the ECDC/Butterfly House gives Nepalese children, who would otherwise be forced to live in prison, a chance for a bright future. In Nepal, incarcerated mothers must choose between bringing their child to live with them in prison or sending them to the street. Pushpa Basnet started a day-care and residential program to provide education, food, medical care, and a home to the 40+ children she managed to get out of prison. Pushpa runs several additional programs to help improve the lives of mothers and children still within the prisons such as nutritional programs, providing early childhood education boxes with toys and education materials, baby boxes with basic supplies for newborns, as well as female hygiene programs.

Pushpa and the kids faced their biggest struggle in 2015, after they permanent home was largely destroyed by an earthquake. Pushpa managed to rebuild their Butterfly Home and create a safe haven for the children through perseverance and help from all over the world. Their next urgent project is to provide the graduating children with a Youth Hosted nearby, to prevent them ending up on the street once they graduate from school or reach 18 years of age, as they would not be allowed to stay with the younger kids anymore.