Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project

About Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is giving a hand to several thousand of the most deprived orphans in southwestern Uganda. Having tragically lost their own children to AIDS, Nyaka’s grandmothers are now raising their orphaned grandchildren without social security, health care, retirement, child welfare, or basic housing. The Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project takes a unique holistic human rights-based approach to combating pervasive hunger and ending the cycle of poverty. As part of the holistic approach, the project provides the 7,301 grandmothers that are collectively raising 43,000 orphaned grandchildren with the resources and skills to raise their grandchildren in a healthy and nurturing environment. They support the grandmothers through offering 98 support groups across two districts that span over 1,000 square miles. The project provides these unsung heroes with economic opportunities that help them care for their grandchildren, and employs several Grandmother Coordinators who train them on practical life skills such as parenting, grief management, gardening, nursing, leadership, and business development.