Refund Policy

The Organization strives to employ fundraising methods that are ethical and honest and encourage donors to give voluntarily, based on their interest and knowledge of the purpose, programs and achievements of a nonprofit. All solicitation and fundraising materials and other communications to donors and the public will be accurate and truthful and will not be misleading. Unless the donor specifically restricts a donation with a message to Utopia Foundation, donations given through the website are considered unrestricted donations that Utopia Foundation may use for any purpose that it determines in its discretion to further its tax-exempt 501(c)(3) mission in its discretion. Utopia Foundation reserves the right to refuse any restricted gift if it determines accepting the gift would be inconsistent with its gift acceptance policies. If a donor specifically restricts the purposes of a gift and believes it is not used for the purposes for which it was solicited, please contact Utopia Foundation immediately. If we cannot address your concerns, your restricted gift donation will be refunded.